Lil Bub – Science & Magic

Written for the Press Association music column, published on the Plymouth Herald and other sites.

Lil BUB already has a million followers on Instagram, a book, a documentary, a web series and now an album under her belt. For a four-year-old feline, that’s pretty unusual. But then again, Lil BUB isn’t exactly your everyday moggie.

Her debut album, titled Science & Magic: A Soundtrack To The Universe sees BUB collaborate with meow-sicians Andrew W.K and Matt Tobey. The pair describe themselves as “creative vessels” for BUB’s musical talents, and claim they have harnessed the spirit and soul of the famous cat to express her artistic vision. Yes, the concept is totally bonkers, but what does it sound like? Surprisingly, we don’t hear a lot of Lil BUB’s vocals. There are a few meows and purrs here and there, but the vast majority of the album is made up of science fiction inspired synth, dreamy Eighties keys and 8-bit inspired electronic blips. There’s a variety of genres at play here; opening track Hello Earth takes the listener on an atmospheric journey into outer space with smooth strings and space age synth, while New Gravity and Earth Sister’s delicious 8-bit keys sound like something straight out of a 1980s video game, while Another Voyage fuses BUB’s meows with ambient lazer zaps. You’ve got to be kitten if you think Science & Magic is going to make musical history, but this light-hearted combination of cool synth tracks and cat noises is surprisingly won-fur-ful.