5 things to do in Dublin that aren’t drinking Guinness | AOL

Despite what your mates’ holiday snaps from the Irish capital might lead you to believe, there’s much more to do in Dublin than drink Guinness.

There’s no denying that the stout tastes that bit better when it’s fresh from the pump on Irish soil, but there’s plenty more to do in Dublin if you feel like venturing out.

Here are five alternative activities for when you’re all Guinness-d out.

1. Rub shoulders with the academics of tomorrow at Trinity College

Take a stroll through Trinity College’s tranquil grounds and drink in the university’s mix of modern and classic architecture. Walk the same paths Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett trod and enjoy 30-minute guided tours in the summer.

2. Enjoy tranquil scenery at St Stephen’s Green

Surrounded by mid-18th century buildings and laden with lush greenery, it’s easy to forget that this was the spot once used for public punishment (think whippings, burnings and hangings). Pace around the park’s lovely lake and enjoy the historical artwork.

3. Spend a few euros in Dublin’s bountiful boutiques

clothes in a vintage shop
(Claire Hubble/PA)

Dublin is packed with independent businesses, so if shopping is your bag you’ll be spoilt for choice. Get off the beaten tourist track and make sure you spend some time wandering around George’s Street Arcade and the surrounding area for something a little different.

4. Have a hard-earned boogie

If you’re feeling classy, try out one of Dublin’s upmarket cocktail bars like Vintage Cocktail Club, a delightful speak easy-style affair. If you’re not feeling classy, Copper Face Jack’s, known simply as Coppers by the locals, attracts a rowdy crowd who dance to guilty pleasures all night long.

5. See how your favourite stout is made at the Guinness Storehouse

If you just can’t stay away from the black stuff, make sure you check out the Guinness Storehouse to see how it’s made. Get there early if you want to avoid queues but made sure you spend a little time enjoying the Storehouse bar’s incredible views.

This was originally published on AOL.